TBFGG night at Stirling Wine, Aug 2016
Musican of Note concert 2018 crop
From a ukulele video interview


If it were up to you, would you rather laugh and relax…or be serious? I’ve pondered the reality of humor and personality in the commercial music business for decades. I have come to this conclusion:  “Screw commercial music…”

So, from now on, my music will have my personality…·

  • Sometimes presenting a quirky view.·
  • Or, sometimes painting a serious, relaxing picture in your mind
  • Sometimes…just “intelligent folly”…whatever that is…haha?

I have been really lucky over the years…I’ve learned how to grab an audience by talking to them, and can help them laugh a little. So…come out to my occasional show, hire me for a house concert…heck, and maybe buy one of my songs! I’m just having fun…How about You?