About Big Jim

I’ve been influenced by my Chicago roots, growing up playing acoustic folk, jazz and early classic rock music…from the British Invasion and “hippie rock” to the California singer/songwriter music, including the vocal groups such as CSN, Eagles, etc. It was an interesting time in music…when there really were no musical pigeonholes. If you played guitar, you did it all. And, you did it simply.

As I relocated to Florida, I found the Tampa Bay area and along the Gulf beaches to be a wonderful place that continues to carry on relaxing with a lot of this same music. And, mixing it with great weather, a slower pace, and a lot of acoustic guitar music. I love it, and so do the audiences.

Bluesy Big Jim Allen

Bluesy Big Jim

As a guitarist for decades, I have settled largely on playing my acoustic and electric guitars “fingerstyle”, meaning using my fingernails and thumb, not using a pick. This unique sound is more versatile, more musical and let’s be honest…if “I drop a pick”, then something is really wrong!  Ha Ha….

Anyway…I always found “official bios” to be stodgy…with me, what you see is what you get. I have a tremendous family that keeps me normal, and a family of Floridian friends that keep me young.  I invite you to become part of my family of friends.

Keep Your Toes in the Sand…Enjoy Life…and Live It Everyday.

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