Past Fun Collaborations:

In this business, you can’t really get involved without friends. Here are some pictures of the good times over the years. Often, I was the “hired gun” that was brought in to maybe just play lead, or bass, or some kind of horn.

A big nod of thanks goes out to a few people…such as, my high school drummer buddy Ken Stone that got me into the music business full time with The Keystones in 1974. Also, the very talented upright bassist and ukulele player Steve Boisen, who not only got me involved in the world of ukulele in 2010, but has been my bassist on a number of projects as a duo or trio. And finally, Norine and Vinny Mungo…who really reinvigorated my songwriting through our work with “The Mungos”, “24 and So Much More”, and “Tip Jar Junkies”…three unique ensembles that explored such avenue as harmonies, 60’s folk rock, and how far you can push a fingerstyle electric 12-string guitar as a solo instrument, accompanied only with a bass guitar.